Monday, August 10, 2020


The St Dominic Window in the Queen of Rosary Chapel. Sinsinawa, WI

August 8th is the feast of Saint Dominic.  I think it is an appropriate day to ask what would St. Dominic do in the light of two pandemics – one spreading a deadly disease and the other spreading the sin of racial injustice.

What would St. Dominic do? 

I find the answer an easy one because our Sisters and Associates, the daughters of Saint Dominic, are guiding us to the truth.  As a result of COVID-19, we have Sisters and Associates who are in hospitals and nursing homes, schools and social service agencies.  They are burying the dead and feeding the hungry.  They are accompanying the most vulnerable.   

As a result of the current racial unrest, we have Sisters and Associates protesting and speaking out.  There are also those who are continuing to caucus or discuss with other White Sisters and Associates how we can rid our congregation of the white privilege that enhances status and opportunity in unjust ways.

What would St. Dominic do?  I know because the spirit of Saint Dominic is alive today.  

How about you?  Do you want to be part of the answer to the question, “What would St. Dominic do?”


Peggy Ryan, OP

River Forest, IL

Monday, August 3, 2020

Zooming into each other’s Heart space

I could never have imagined back in March that here, in August, we would still be sheltering from the virus. A necessity to protect each other.  It has changed how I register time. I used to look at my calendar for the whole week or month. Now I am much more cognizant of each separate day.

I am aware of the blessing of life anew each morning-of the challenge to do my best each day - to love in the light of the Gospel and when I fail I ask forgiveness and start afresh with the morning light.

FaceTime and Zoom have become necessities, as we stay connected while physically distancing.  The sisters I live within our complex meet formally twice a week on zoom to pray and connect. And right now our annual gathering of the Congregation is being conducted via Zoom.  Not what any of us would have wanted, as we yearn to gather, to greet each other in person.

But for now - the little mosaic of zoom squares allows us to see and hear, connect and plan.  It’s a new window into our heart space, holding the promise of today and tomorrow as we try so very hard  to keep each other safe. A new sacred space.  A place of service to each other.

What is your new sacred space? At this time of physical distancing what is your place of service? How are you measuring time these days?

Isabel Rafferty OP
Madison, WI

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