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Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters are dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel. We believe that at the heart of ministry is relationship. Today, more than 350 Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa in the United States and abroad participate in the mission shared by all Dominicans: to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed. Currently, our missions outside the U.S. include Bolivia and Trinidad and Tobago. 

Our home, Sinsinawa Mound, is located in southwest Wisconsin.

Our Mission
As Sinsinawa Dominican women, we are called
      to proclaim the Gospel
      through the ministry of preaching and teaching
      in order to participate in the building
      of a holy and just Church and society.

Our Vision 
In a world graced by the Holy Spirit
      and yet wounded by divisions,
      exploitation, and oppression,
      we are impelled by God's tender mercy
      to commit ourselves in partnership with others
      to seek and foster right relationships
      among all of God's people
      and with Earth that sustains us.

Our Direction 2016-2021
Called forth by God's expansive love and mercy for all creation,
we claim and embrace God's mission to be our mission.

As contemplative women of the gospel, preachers of truth, and ministers of mercy
  • we hear the cries for mercy and compassion moving us to a radical gospel response of unconditional love
  • we call ourselves to respond to the needs of immigrants and refugees and to seek ways to relieve suffering
  • we are compelled to risk our comfort and privilege to confront the evil of racism
  • we commit ourselves to the urgent summons of Laudato Si" to care for Earth, our home.
Graced by the Spirit and strengthened by our Sinsinawa Dominican legacy,
we promise to hold each other in radical grace and respect
as we set out together.

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