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What attracted me to this community: 
The first adjective I used to describe this community was “joyful.”

What attracted me to this community: 
I was totally drawn in by the deep JOY of the Sisters, as well as their commitment to justice and lifelong learning, their prayerful way of living community, and their diversity. 

What attracted me to this community: 
The joyous and accepting attitude.
The sense of humor and ongoing pursuit of wisdom through education.

What attracted me to this community: 
The most attractive part of this community is the sheer amount of joy. It is truly palpable. I am drawn by the way this joy is shown; through the love that the Sisters have for each other, for the world and for their God. They are extremely hospitable, welcoming, and affirming.

What attracted me to this community: 
I initially contacted the Relationship for Mission team in spring 2015 after feeling drawn to the Dominican charism and discerning I wanted a community closer to my family in the Midwest.  During my visits to the Mound and interactions with Sisters and associates in 2015, I appreciated the joyful spirit, commitment to learning, emphasis on justice and peace, and life of prayer that I witnessed.

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  1. As a 77 year old Dominican Sister, it has delighted my heart to see so many mentions of the word JOY in the reasons for attraction to the Holy Preaching. This has been my experience too in Australia. That is not to say that others are not joyful, but it is typical of us to describe the attraction to our congregation as the joy of the Sisters we met first.

    You appear to have recruits...we do not, but we have been down to 2 members before in both France and Ireland, so let's leave that to God.

    Thank you so much.

    Joan OP


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