Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy Week: Remembering Death and Looking to Resurrection

Last week I experienced the sickness and death of a 20 year volunteer of the St. Francis Center. Over the years our shared trips to four orphanages, great conversations over delicious meals she had prepared, her help in acting as a translator for my parent conferences and just everyday experiences allowed me the privilege of calling her a friend. I was inspired by her life and of course, saddened by her death. She devoted so much of her time, here on earth in service to the underserved and economically poor; I believe she resides now in the loving arms of Our God.
Still trying to make sense of suffering, death and loss, another volunteer called with the news that she had been diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer and had decided to forego any medical treatment. She believes she will be able to live more fully without such treatments. For the past 9 years, this angel of goodness has brought cupcakes and piƱatas to my classroom for every American and Mexican holiday. This is only one example of the many truly nice things she did for others. With Holy Week just beginning and suffering, death and resurrection fresh in my mind and heart, I wonder how you view loss, death, and eternal life?
Sr. Susan Ostrowski

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