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Daily Grind

Thursday, July 27, 2017


As Dominican women, we are called to be aware of the signs of the times.  These signs are meant to open us up to where God is present.  We listen and look.  We study and ask questions.  We pray and reflect.  If we are open, these signs of the times can be found anywhere.  For me, God’s creation, such as our Holy Family Food Pantry community garden, is one such place.    

Our community garden, which occupies a corner lot, is surrounded by tagged buildings and pot-holed streets.  The garden brings together families of all shapes and sizes, as well as master gardeners and community workers throughout the summer months.   We are filled with communal wonder as we marvel at God’s creation unfolding before us.  Our senses are bursting with a beauty beyond compare. 
In these past few months, the signs of the times have come in unexpected events that shatter our most basic beliefs.  There is no textbook to look up answers, only togetherness and hope and a willingness to allow the future to unfold with love.  The garden has reminded us that thunder and lightning, flooding, and howling winds are invited into the growing process.  All work for good.  All are called.  Providence is sighted.  Growth continues.  And, in the midst of it all, we deepen our understanding of God and ourselves.

How about you?  Do you read the signs of the times?    

Peggy Ryan, OP
Waukegan, IL

Monday, July 24, 2017


That’s a question I ask myself often these days.

Why do I have Parkinson’s?
People are very kind to me, yet still I wonder.
One problem is that I hate to ask, yet I have to!  At a meeting this week, I even had to ask for a hand getting out of a chair!

I feel like I’m still young – and I’m now 71!  Older than I ever imagined I’d be!!  As a “Baby Boomer” I imagine lots of us are asking the same question.  If it’s not Parkinson’s, it’s something else.

I am lucky, though.  I live in Madison and the University of Wisconsin offers many resources for Parkinson’s sufferers.  On Wednesdays and Fridays I’m learning how to Tango!  In addition to our instructor, we have help from graduate students in Physical Therapy.  Plus I’m learning how to Box!  (Which I love!!)  And during the month of July I am rowing on Lake Mendota in an 8-person boat with a coxswain.

Once a month there is a free lecture by a person from UW Health on some aspect of Movement Disorders.  Plus, there are always the fundraising walks that are supported by community members. 

So I guess I’m lucky!

What do you ask “Why?” about in your life?
Can you see how you’re lucky?

Ruth Poochigian, OP
Madison  WI

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