Monday, July 15, 2019

Dominicans and Borders

In one of her short stories, Barbara Kingsolver’s character, Great Mam, who is of the Bird Clan, asks the question, “Why are there state lines on the map if you can’t see them?”  What a great question.  Why do we label borders that are not there?  

How do we decide who is a neighbor and who is not? How do we decide who is a sister or brother and who is not?  

As Dominicans, we are called to offer our lives in community with a selflessness that mirrors that of Christ.  Who do we see?  How do we offer our gifts and talents?  What are our priorities?  Dominicans have to ask the question, in the midst of all our own troubles and brokenness, “How does my life relieve the misery of another?” 

Whether the suffering of another falls within our borders, within the lines of our map, or takes place across the globe, we are called to accompaniment.  

Love knows no border.

Peggy Ryan, OP
River Forest, IL

Monday, July 8, 2019

Interdependence day

A few days ago as a nation we celebrated Independence Day. As an immigrant of over forty years it has become almost second nature to me. Nowadays however I see that independence is a necessary developmental stage but it isn’t the fullness of maturation. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate an interdependence day? None of us exist in a vacuum. We are all connected. We are really all one. Everything on earth teaches us this connection, this interdependence.

Looking out my window at a beautiful mature tree I see that each leaf is connected to a twig, which is part of the branch, which connects to the trunk whose roots go deep into earth and all are nourished by its water, minerals and sunlight.  Nothing exists in isolation.

How are you part of the whole? What are your many circles of connectedness?

Isabel Rafferty, OP
Madison, WI

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