Monday, October 8, 2018

Blogging from the Beach

Hello! My name is Annie Henkel, OP and I live in Mobile, Alabama.
I teach art and ukulele for the City Parks and Recreation Department.
I also give some occasional retreats

What I’m thinking about as I listen to the surf and soak in the beauty of sea and sky, is how easy it is, for me at least, to lose perspective. Current events have a way of blocking the horizon.  Dissonant voices drown out laughter and the sound of the breeze.  Nature’s gift to me is to reestablish that fundamental connectedness.

My morning prayer usually concludes with, “Okay God, please help me go forth from this place of oneness with You.”  Toward mid-day, I often say, “Okay, God, show me something.” It’s amazing to me that this request seldom goes unanswered. Could be a butterfly or somebody who needs more than ukulele help.

In any encounter, my question to myself is usually, “To what end?” How will my words be received? My hope is to live and preach what life lived in God can be like.  To that end, my last prayers are usually, “Okay, God. I’m sorry” and “Okay, God. I’m beyond grateful. Thanks.”

Annie Henkel OP
Mobile, Alabama

Monday, October 1, 2018

Perpetual or Final, That Is the Question

In a little over two months, I will be making perpetual profession of vows as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa. Some have asked how ‘perpetual’ vows and ‘final’ vows differ. Technically, they don’t. Final and perpetual can mean the same thing. In reality, for me, there is a big difference in the sound, meaning, and intentionality of those words.  

One definition of ‘final’ is “finishing, end, terminating”. (Kaput!) On the other hand, one definition of ‘perpetual’ is “never ending or changing”. (A fidelity to discernment.)

For me, ‘final’ is harsh and linear in comparison to ‘perpetual’, which seems more integrated and whole, representing a dynamic and ongoing conversation with God, rather than, “At last, I’ve reached my goal. I’m outta here!”

I think we are each called to live perpetually, rather than finally, to be constantly attuned to nuances in God’s voice, to where God is calling us, to what God is calling us, and to how God is calling us to do it…to how God is calling us ‘to be’, no matter the place or stage of life we find ourselves.

How is life for you? Are you living it finally or perpetually?

Kathy Flynn OP
Sinsinawa, WI 

Living Life with Passion

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