Friday, April 2, 2010

Space Between the Logs

Though I worked early at the Retreat Center in Racine, this was my “Milwaukee Day”: an ecumenical meeting, spiritual guidance, and my “local-community” gathering. At noon it began to snow. We hardly noticed as we, a warm mixture of pastors and laity, ate our bag lunches while floating ideas for our next issue of the Spirit. Someone had brought Judy Brown’ poem “Fire” and we went from there: “What makes a fire burn/is space between the logs…” Gary took notes and played back our discussion in the form of suggestions for articles (we seem to forget this is going to be the result of our enthusiasm). Out into the deepening snow. I slid past the opening to my director’s street, but made it. By 4:30, lots more snow. I called-- yes the gathering of local community (who come from various distances) was still on, so I arrived at Joeann’s but found that the three others had turned back. My good hostess put out warm food and we had a great visit. By the time I left for Racine the snow had subsided. Each stop had provided wonderful “space between the logs.” Sr. Miriam Brown, OP

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