Monday, May 24, 2010

Sinsinawa Dominicans Value the Arts

The last time I blogged I was experiencing spring and discernment. This is also the season for spring concerts and art exhibits, so this is the topic for this month's blog. I have attended the Spring dance and Musical recital, the Pops Concert and the Fine Arts Night at Dominican High School, Whitefish Bay. My heart is bursting with pride and gratitude for the many students who danced and sang their hearts out, and for the students who created from their souls in the art classes. But most of all I'm grateful for the school that considers the arts programs an essential part of the school academic program. From my perspective it is the heart and soul of Dominican High School. It also is a value statement of the school and the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition of the arts in its schools. This is especially significant during this economic climate, where many schools need to make serious cuts. Unfortunately, the arts are often the first to be eliminated because they are considered non essential programs. Thank you, Dominican High School and the Sinsinawa Dominicans for valuing the arts as essential to our lives and our communities.
Joeann Daley, OP
Milwaukee, WI

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