Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Will You Guide Me.....

It’s great having people especially young adults join us to learn about our life as vowed religious.

For the past 3 months I’ve been a sister blogger! I’ve really had a FEAR of blogging and joining Facebook. Will you guide me in entering your world of social networking? Help me face my fear with your suggestions.

Sr. Colleen Nolan, OP


  1. When I got started with facebook, I was only a junior in high school, and didn't use it much. Now, as a Senior in college, I find it a very useful tool, especially for Education majors, or any student for that matter. It's easy to use, and you can control what you want on your profile. Right now, I'm helping several former teachers, who have signed on to facebook, navigate through the site. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and for networking. Also, when dealing with friend requests, only add people you know.


  2. DN,

    Thanks for your help getting me started on facebook. Having been in education as a Dominican Sister how have education majors been helped by facebook?


  3. SCN,

    when I first started in college, I wrote down in my bio, formerly "about me" that I was going into education, I had several teachers from the Lee County School District, message me through facebook, about my plans. I also had some former teachers from elementary and high school on my facebook, so they can see where I am at, in the field. Before, I entered my junior year of college- schools and colleges, all over Florida, and throughout the nation set up profiles. I contacted a few, because, I am going to be teaching Business Education for 9-12th grade. One of my friends, recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, this past Spring 2010, with her Bachelors, and got a placement through an elementary school in Cape Coral, FL- through facebook. She told me, that she was interning at the elementary school, and kept up with what they were doing through facebook. Right now, I am following what is going with my K-8th grade school (St. Andrews) and my high school.


  4. DN,

    Your advice is very helpful.
    I will try using some of your suggestions when I get on facebook.

    How did you find
    Have you found it interesting...helpful? Any suggestions for making it better?

    Thanks again,

  5. SCN,

    I found, through the facebook fan page:

    I am following this blog, through my blogger dashboard. This blog, has a lot of useful information, that I can share with the Catholic group at my college. I find this blog, to be user friendly, since most blogs I go to, are very complicated.


  6. DN,

    Thanks for sharing our blog with the Catholic group at your college.
    You have been so helpful:)
    I feel ready to be on facebook.

    I'm glad you like our blogspot.



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