Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to Community Life!

On August 7, I stood in front of 400 people (mostly sisters) and was officially welcomed as a Candidate of the Dominicans of Sinsinawa. It was the next stage on a journey that will take many years, but as I looked out on all those people holding up their hand in blessing I had to smile. I felt their love and support as I took this formal step toward becoming their sister. Not only did I continue to feel their love as I received numerous hugs after the prayer, but as I opened the many cards of congratulation from sisters I had never met, I knew I was now part of a large family.
Since that day, joy has been overflowing from my heart and my spirit feels at home. A month and a half ago, I left behind a spacious two bedroom apartment full of my own furniture and now have a bedroom in a large convent with ten other women. These sisters, who are many years my senior, have welcomed me into their lives and agreed to journey with me in a special way this year as I continue my formation. We share joys and sorrows from our ministries, pray and eat together and overall share life. The sisters are teaching me how to live in community with women who all have their own way to do things and I am teaching them about Facebook, Skype, text messaging and digital cameras. We watch movies together, discuss the news, go for walks and welcome the many visitors that come to our house.
Even though life is very different for me compared with earlier in the summer, it seems natural and I wouldn’t go back. I love these sisters and this is where I am supposed to be.
When have you felt completely at home with new people or new places?
Krissie Koll


  1. hi Krissie! Welcome to the Dominican Family!
    I am a Dominican of Adrian, Michigan - i entered in 1995 - 15 years ago - and i can honestly say that i felt at HOME then and still feel that way today!!!
    it is an interesting journey to say the very least!

    you will be in my prayer and thought and hope this journey is a great one for you

    aneesah mcnamee, op

  2. Krissie,

    You are apart of an amazing community! I'm so happy for you. Huge hugs and loves to you. We will come visit again soon.


  3. Aneesah,
    Thank you for your comments. Thank you also for your prayers. I know this is just the begining of a journey that will teach me quite a bit about myself and those around me.

  4. Robin,
    My community IS pretty great. I can't wait to bring you (and the kids) to the Mound to show you my home.


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