Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why is letting go of control of what we don’t actually possess so hard?

This question was asked on my last blog post and I thought I would address it in this post. Personally for me, letting go of control is hard because it means I have to fully trust, have faith and be vulnerable.
For example, today is one of those times of letting go. I was at “Haven for Hope” (a homeless/transitional campus) to begin a new spiritual program of “being present” to others one on one. I’ve been excited about it for weeks. I arrived and was asked if I could lead this group for women. I attended this group the week before, so I agreed. After the group ended, I was asked to consider leading the group from now on. Wow, this hit me like a brick. I really enjoyed the gathering with these women, it was a blessing. But, being the leader was not on my radar.
Leading a group is a different dynamic than one on one with another. I felt disappointed and frustrated because I had this beautiful vision of what my new ministry would be. It was difficult to let go of “my plan,” sounds like control, right? Now that I have calmed down and “let go” of my anxiety and fear, I am looking at this new group as invitation by God to learn and grow with these beautiful women of God. I’m giving this new group a try and see where it leads to, with trust and faith. Let go and let God lead is an ongoing journey in life. Any letting go situations you would like to share?
Peace and Blessings.
Sr. Priscilla Torres, OP

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