Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dominicans: a Modern Family

Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP
November 4th is observed as “Founder’s Day” by Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa. It’s the birthday of Venerable Samuel Charles Mazzucheli, O.P. who was born in Milan in 1806, joined the Dominican Order, came to the USA at the invitation of another Dominican, Bishop Edward Fenwick, O.P. of Cincinnati who later ordained him. Though he came from a comfortable and sophisticated family background, he embraced his life as a missionary priest on the American frontier, founding parishes in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, and in 1847, our congregation of Dominican Sisters.

Back in the early 19th century, when Samuel Mazzuchelli became a Dominican, he became a brother to men from other cultures and backgrounds. Once he was ordained, he also became a pastor to many others, who came from cultures and backgrounds so very different from his own. More than 163 years later Dominicans from Sinsinawa ponder our Modern Family. We are from different cultures and backgrounds, bound together in a sisterhood inspired by Fr. Samuel’s words: “Let us set out for any place where the work is great and difficult, but where also with the help of the One who sends us, we shall open the way for the Gospel.” What is unique about your Modern Family?

Sr. Ruth Poochigian, OP
Madison, Wisconsin

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