Sunday, December 5, 2010

Balancing Acts in Anticipation of Something New

This is the time of year I must practice intentionality and discipline, otherwise my life could imitate one that is too busy and perhaps unfocused. I find myself juggling many things these days other than balls, fruit, and other moving parts jugglers entertain us with. So, I periodically pause to spend time reflecting on my life-choices and take deep breaths.
The fall school semester is quickly coming to an end. A December that included final projects and papers appeared as a distant future, back in September. The women with whom I minister in jail seem to be increasingly emotional these days, presenting all sorts of challenging behaviors and lots of tears. (Understandably, they want to be some place other than behind locked doors during the holiday season!) The approach of Thanksgiving fueled a strong desire to spend time with my family of origin. So, I decided to sandwich a visit home (to an affectionate family, southern-creole food, story-telling, lots of laughter, and rest) between all of the other moving parts of my life. I am exhausted, committed, enriched, and happy.

I am grateful for this life, as a woman religious, which encourages and supports discovering my truest and most authentic self in relationship with God and others. Within all of the communities I find myself: school, ministry, family, friendships, church, community life, etc., I continue to discover relationships that matter and our interconnectedness as a larger community which contains possibility, tremendous gifts, and anticipation of a new and hope-filled future.
How are you spending your Advent days?
Sr. Tanya Williams, OP
Minneapolis, MN

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