Friday, May 13, 2011

Divine Designer

Driving to work in a rare, sunny winter morning, the radiance of the sky attracted my attention. (Oh, I did keep my eyes on the road)!  I thought about graphic design and where artists get their inspiration from. If I weren’t on my way to work, I would have parked and paint the creation before me albeit amateurishly. The sunrise was in a clear blue sky with some shades of clouds.

The baby blue, light, yellow and lime green rainbow colors splashed in a 90 degree angle across the skyline. The unique appearance of this natural design was that the orange-colored sunrise was slowly opening like a bud through the haze of clouds right under the multicolored skyline. It enhanced the colors with halos. Woo, it was gorgeous!   The scene was like the red hot flames oozing from a volcano (hazardous as volcano is, the natural aesthetic is awesome).

Who made this scenic creation possible? God, Yahweh, Allah, Osenebulua. Would you appreciate the maker as I did the next time you see a beautiful skyline and think about the divine designer?

Monica Oboagwina, OP
Madison, Wisconsin

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