Monday, May 16, 2011

Relationships Are at the Heart

Relationship is at the heart of our lives and ministry!!  I know that and yet there are moments when I’m struck by just how very important it is to us as Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa.   We make choices because our relationships are so important to us.  My experience this past weekend is a good example.  I was visiting our four sisters in San Antonio, Texas.  On Saturday, three of us gathered with four more of our sisters for a farewell lunch in Gruene, Texas for our sisters, Priscilla and Yvonne, who'll be leaving Texas soon.  Sisters drove from as far as San Angelo which is a little more than a four hour drive each way……for lunch.   Yes, we had a delicious lunch sitting along the Guadalupe River.  Yet, that wasn’t what made it worth the time and effort it took for each person to get there.  What made it more than worthwhile was that we were with our sisters.  We shared many stories about what was happening in our lives.  There was lots of laughter and some tears.  We blessed one another with our presence and with water from the Guadalupe River as we parted ways.   This gathering with my sisters was so relaxing and enjoyable! More than that, it strengthen me for the journey we share…..the journey to God.  I hope that you have deep and rich relationships in your life!!

What relationships strengthen you for the journey?

Mary Ann Nelson, OP
Madison, Wisconsin

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