Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking a Stand

One of the gifts of community life within the context of a congregation of Sisters, is that many voices become one.  The Dominicans Sisters of Sinsinawa have done this in a particular way known as:  Corporate Stance.

At this link is an explanation of what is a Corporate Stance and our process toward taking such a stand:

Also on our website is the record of our stances:

Ok. . .This is all just nice to know but “So What?”

Behind these stances are ways in which not only the Congregation works to change society but individual sisters may be giving particular energy to projects around these issue.

One area that I am becoming more involved in is with the deeply sad issue of human trafficking – or – as one public official said to me recently:  “Let’s call it was it is: slavery.”

In a future posting to this blog, I will share more about this particular issue.  For now, looking at our Corporate Stances, which one do you want to join in with us?

Sr. Roberta Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach, FL

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