Monday, May 9, 2011

What Might Be Stalling Your "Yes"?

People would describe me as a late vocation.  I think of myself though as a late responder.  The call in retrospect would have come many years ago.  I responded in stages or so it seemed.  I reminded myself of the blind man who received his sight only gradually.  My first call was to single life during which time I served in various capacities and in various ministries.  The idea of becoming a religious sister was always at the back of my mind however and I made sure that it stayed right there! Finally, many years after, and quite unexpectedly, a prompting came again which was difficult not to respond to.   I followed up on it until finally I said ‘yes.’  Why was I stalling? I think it was fear of what the future would hold.  You see at the time, I valued highly my independence.  Giving that up was extremely difficult and so I held back from making a more total commitment to God.   My ‘yes’ to date has brought me innumerable blessings not the least of which is learning to live interdependently with my sisters.  Makes me wonder why I waited!
What might be stalling your ‘yes?’

Gail Jagroop, OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad


  1. What's stalling my answer?

    FEAR. Dreams. LOTS of questions!

    This non-traditional age discerner understands that change is part of life. Also understood are my strengths and weaknesses and how they've played out in past challenges.

    Not understood is the return of the "prompting" when I felt sure I'd made the right decision by answering "no" previously.

  2. Love for my job and constantly having to deal with a past that sometimes one does not want to be reminded of especially when change has occurred.
    The need to climb the corporate ladder yet still acknowledging that Jesus is in every facet of my life.
    How is one guided into saying YES when these concerns loom over their life?


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