Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recalling the Stories

Over the summer, I have read several biographies and memoirs, mostly from our very diverse contemporary time period. I have also engaged in lots of re-story telling in community, with friends, and co-workers. Recently, a friend and I were talking about the “tree of voices” in Avatar and the value of collective memory, wisdom, and recalling stories. That really got me thinking!

I grew up sitting around the table (if allowed!), on the porch, or in my grandmother’s beauty shop listening to the “old folk” recount stories, some which prompted laughter while others elicited silence and serious-looking nods. Now I am more likely to engage in story-telling at a party, wake service, class or family reunion, around the dining table, in conversation with a friend, or at work between planning individual client sessions.

As Dominicans, we recall stories about Saints Dominic and Catherine of Siena to learn more about our Dominican history and the spirituality that connects us. Some Dominicans have been gifted with an opportunity to make pilgrimages to Caleruega, Prouille, Fanjeaux, Siena, Rome and other lands of Dominic and Catherine. We also recall the stories and wisdom of sisters, friends, and family on whose shoulders we stand. Learning about our connections energizes me and is on-going.

How do you connect with others and re-tell your story? What of our Sinsinawa Dominican story would you like to hear more about?

Tanya Williams, OP
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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