Monday, October 17, 2011

Powerful Witness

"Go into the world and proclaim the good news to every creature."  Yes, of course this is what I want to do!  But when I took a position as Pastoral Associate in a parish I wondered how I could do this; I had a lot of doubts. This was my first experience in this type of ministry.  Could I do it? 

At the time I shared community with another sister, and I began to understand what pastoral ministry was just by who she was.  Her compassion toward everyone she met, generosity of heart, genuine interest in supporting me in my ministry, and joyful spirit gave me the confidence that I needed to try things I had never done before.  By sharing community life together and by being supported in ministry I found new strength and courage to take leadership of new activities and to plunge into others. I was transformed, and I truly surprised myself!  The Holy Spirit was the giver of my newly-discovered gifts, but the witness and relationship with this sister made it possible for me to do "unimaginable things."  What a grace!

Who has helped you to do "unimaginable things?"

Marie Lucek, OP
Juneau, Alaska

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