Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walking Together with Daring (Dominican Sisters under 45 gathering)

What does Daring mean for a Religious Sister?  For me, it is being open and trusting in God’s will.  This means listening and responding to God’s call.  Yesterday was Christmas day, for which we rejoiced in the birth of Christ Jesus.   As I think of the birth of Jesus I also reflect on our Blessed Mother’s Daring response of “yes” in bearing God’s Son.  So what is Walking together with Daring?  This past October, Dominican Sisters 45 and under gathered in Freemont, CA.   Sister Toni Harris, OP took us on a journey of our Dominican Identity and Roots.   We each shared about our founders and the foundational sisters in our congregations.  What faithful and Daring persons they were.   How thankful we are for their Daring “yes,” because it is their shoulders we stand on today.   Though we might be smaller in numbers, we are not much different from our past Sisters.   We are spread out across the U.S. and come from different Dominican congregations, yet we are still religious women who have committed themselves to God, Jesus’ mission and the Dominican Charism of preaching the Truth.  Our Walking together in Daring is collaborating, looking at common stances and finding common projects and utilizing modern technology to intentionally bridge different borders.   Daring, most definitely, new to Religious life, not at all, just look at our Dominican history.  In what ways can you be Daring this Christmas season to share love of Christ Jesus with others?

Have a blessed Christmas season.
Priscilla Torres, OP
Jacksonville, Florida 

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