Saturday, January 7, 2012

BTW as Dominicans we like to LOL

Recently while visiting some sister friends, I asked “whose chair am I in?”  After a long pause the listeners gave me a quizzical look?  One said, “What do you mean? Who’s Jeremiah?”   After I reiterated my question with more clarity, a round of raucous laughter ensued. 

Often at our community supper table we can get into a fit of laughter over something that happened during the day…like the newly arrived refugee child who took Sister Nora’s chair and proclaimed, “Me teacher, you no”.  Or Sister Emeric’s telling us about meeting a woman who was cleaning a toilet on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant.  Upon questioning the reason she was doing this, the woman proudly proclaimed that she was writing a book: The Travelling Toilet and was getting the toilet ready for the trip.

Joy is truly a hallmark of Dominican spirituality.  For me personally, I was drawn to these amazing motivational sisters who loved one another, embraced the gospel life and laughed so easily.  I can’t remember any of them asking me to join them but I do know that their lives were the invitation.

BTW, where do you find yourself being invited into life?         

Patty Caraher, OP
Atlanta, Georgia    

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