Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Does Community Mean?

One pillar of Dominican Life has been the focus of my thinking and praying recently. I am a very independent person and have grown up doing things for myself, so when I became sick and needed assistance in November I began to understand what community means. I had to rely on my sisters to lift things, pick things up off the ground and even take notes for me in class when I was not able to go myself. They willingly helped me but still let me to do what I could do, however small it was. Community means helping even when it is not convenient, but also allowing others to still do for themselves. When I went to the Mound this Christmas break I continued to expand what community means. I was blessed to lead some of the sisters in an art project and to witness their sense of accomplishment and pride when they had a number of completed projects in front of them. Over the next couple weeks I heard what the pictures were being turned into. Community means sharing the gifts I have and being receptive to how those gifts are used for others and God. When I returned to St. Louis a couple weeks ago my understanding of community expanded again. We participated in a two day workshop that prompted a long conversation at supper one night where we learned quite a bit about each other and deepened our relationships. Community means really listening to the other and being present to the person/people in front of you. It means mutual risking of self as relationships grow deeper.

How do you define community?

Sr. Krissie Koll
St. Louis, Missouri

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