Monday, April 2, 2012

I Have a Sister.....

These words seem to jump out of my mouth on just about a daily basis. I’ll be engaged in conversation at the Art Center where I work, at meetings, or with friends over dinner, and somehow, I am mentioning one of my sisters who is engaged in a particular ministry, or ministered in a particular place. My intention is not to boast, but I suspect my pride is obvious. As Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, we are involved in so many vital and interesting things, bringing new life and hope to young and old. Often, part of my story will mention how much my sisters have loved a particular location where their ministry took place. Usually, there are clear elements of struggle and joy to be found in my stories of my sisters. Always, the hearers are gratified to know of the work we do, and to know more about who we are. They usually tell me how lucky I am to belong to such an inspiring group of women. I smile and agree.

Ann Henkel, OP
Mobile, Alabama

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