Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sights, Sounds, and Sacred Connections

This past weekend I visited a cousin in Atlanta. While there I met lots of people, one who is particularly significant in her life. The three of us were very intentional about how we spent our time together. In spite of the heat it was a memorable weekend that included family stories, looking at old photographs, a museum visit, outdoor music and other happenings – sights and sounds reminding us of sacred connections in our everyday lives.

At the High Museum in Atlanta, there is currently an exhibit by Hale Woodruff who painted a series of murals, “Rising Up,” that portray significant events in the history of blacks in this country. We made a point of going there and spending time. I also experienced the electric sounds and rhythms of “house music” at an outdoor event. Connections between the music selections were practically seamless. Even in 90-plus degree heat, none of us could help moving to the repetitive drumbeats. All of it was quite amazing!

Throughout the weekend, I was reminded that each of us has a need to share our stories. I was reminded that art and music, including music accentuated by drums and tambourines on a hot summer day, are excellent outlets for expression of feelings. I was also reminded that it is sometimes impossible to make distinctions between events and people that might initially seem separate. Depictions of the past, old and new stories, real-time rhythms and experiences of the weekend revealed many sacred connections of my life.

What have you noticed about the sacred connections of your everyday life?

Tanya Williams, OP
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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  1. I love the way you have drawn out the sacred in those events of our lives we might otherwise take for granted. Thanks for the great reflection!


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