Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Good Company

Dear Seeker,

Well, some would say these are “the worst of times” for nuns and the U.S. Catholic Church. It could be at the same time the “best of times.” If you are reading these blogs to find out what women religious are like, I would share with you these qualities of women religious that were observed by Barbara Marx Hubbard, a Jewish scholar who spoke to our leaders recently. As you scan the list you might say that many people have one or more of these qualities and you don’t have to be a Sister to have it. Sure, but Grace is in the Group. All of us together, the living Body of Christ, have these qualities together. We are a great company of woman. Not a bunch of women BUT a person with a voice and a commitment to the gospel.

What kind of energy is moving inside as you scan this list? Can you see yourself adding to and drawing from this life with us?

Mary McNulty OP
Westchester, Illinois

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