Thursday, August 30, 2012


During the past few days, I have been very mindful of my biological sister who lives in New Orleans. There have been several times in our lives (this time it is the destructive wind and rain of Hurricane Isaac), that I make a special point to connect – reminding her that I care about her and the things and people she cares about. Although there is no relationship like the one I have with my birth sister, I have always enjoyed extended circles of sisterhood.

Several years ago, I responded to a call to enter religious life. I chose to share a life in common with a larger group – each one a sister to me. As with my biological family, we don’t all agree on all things. We do, however, desire a relationship with God and share a vision of seeking and fostering “right relationships among all of God’s people.”

My circles of sisterhood are evolving- there are some new ones, others are growing. Even in times of challenges and conflict, differences are often bridged or resolved because of the values and vision that we share. I am living a life in which I am flourishing and, I hope, growing in my capacity to be a sister to others.

How has your heart and life expanded? With whom are you choosing to share interests and a common vision? What do you think about sharing your life with us?

Tanya Williams, OP
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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  1. Thanks for this perspective, Tanya!


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