Monday, September 24, 2012

Following God's Call

"Rest Easy.  Your reservation has been confirmed."  Coming across this saying led me to reflect upon my ministry at the Divine Mercy House, a Christian maternity home for single expectant women.

I remember being asked “what kind of ministry interests you?”  My first thought was “women and children,” I didn’t know in what role or area.  I knew trusting in God, all would come to light when it was time.   How did I know this? It is trusting in God that led me to enter Religious Life.

When I read Jesus’ call to Matthew “Follow me” (Mt 9:9-13), I think of my vocation call.  I, like Matthew, didn’t know where this would lead.  In  time, I learned to be patient and to trust…God will provide the confirmation you are where Jesus has called you to be.

I have been called and blessed to journey with, single women who have chosen life for their baby and need help during this sacred time of life.  I wish I could say I found my ministry, but it found me.  Just as my ministry has been confirmed, so has my call to Religious life.    How have you responded to Jesus invitation “Follow me”?  

Sr. Priscilla Torres, OP
Jacksonville, FL

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