Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life Choices

As I prepare to vote tomorrow, I am thinking about all of the choices we have in our lives.  In the case of voting we each have both a choice to vote and then for whom.   And these choices impact us personally, as a nation, and as a member of the global community.

That’s just one example.  Our lives are full of these choices!!  There are so many choices that we make about:  what to eat, where to shop and for what, where to live and with whom, who to love, with whom to be friends, developing a spiritual life, what work to do, what to read, how to spend leisure time, what to do with your life.  And the list could go on and on…….

The thing is we make choices whether we make them intentionally or not.  By not deciding we decide.  So, my hope is to be intentional in making decisions based on my values.  My hope is that my choices will be life-giving for myself, others and the planet. 

For every choice has implications!  Today, we recognize more and more that our small choices in everyday life influence our carbon footprint.  We also realize that when we make a choice, it sets us on a course that influences whom we will become by closing off some options, while opening up others. 

Life is all about choices!!  What have you learned along the way about making choices?

Mary Ann Nelson, OP
Madison, Wisconsin

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