Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holding the Tension

There is so much conflict and division within our world these days that “lines are drawn” in practically every sphere of our existence, some distinguished by great violence. Divisions span across political ideologies, societal concerns and across our responses as communities of faith. Have we forgotten how to hold the tension of divergent opinions and respectful dialogue?

A friend of mine believes that as our human consciousness continues to evolve, we will become more aware of the traps of dualistic thinking. She believes that with our expanding consciousness we will get better at holding the tension and peaceful living. I think she is right and we have many resources to help along the way. Sources of universal wisdom and goodness have always reminded us that prayer and contemplation help to rediscover the spaciousness of God and the peace of God’s grace. This is what our world needs – today and tomorrow.

As people of faith and followers of Dominic and Catherine of Siena, we know the importance of prayer and contemplation. We know its impact on our lives, individually and collectively. And, we know that through it God gives us what we need for the choices we are to make.

As you practice holding the tension, what is your prayer in the spaciousness of God and God’s grace?

Tanya Williams, OP
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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