Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let There Be Peace on Earth

I’ve struggled with what to write about this month.  I’ve been struggling with news that has come to us nationally and with news that we are living locally.  I’ve struggled with what it really means to live authentically.  How do I speak my truth while allowing others to speak theirs – especially when those truths so diametrically oppose each other? How to speak truth to power? When must the fruit of conscience be action? Why is it that I know I’m a beloved child of God, but sometimes forget to allow others that same heritage? What is God asking of me? Of us?

While I love our Direction Statement, I’m continually drawn to our Vision:

In a world graced by the Holy Spirit and yet
wounded by divisions, exploitation, and oppression,
we are impelled by God's tender mercy

to commit ourselves in partnership with others
to seek and foster right relationships
among all of God's people
 and with Earth that sustains us.

What a beautiful expression of the essence of God’s love for every one of us.  We will struggle – together. We will question - together. We will seek truth and justice - together. Yet that struggle and that seeking must always be centered in God’s love.  In this season of active waiting, let there be peace on earth, indeed.  And let it begin with me, with us. 

Kathy Flynn, Candidate
Madison, Wisconsin

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