Monday, August 5, 2013

Community Days 2013

As I write this blog I look forward to gathering at Sinsinawa this weekend to celebrate Community Days with over 300 Sisters and Associates.  It can be overwhelming – especially the first minute we walk into that formidable building!  And yet, once the initial entry is completed, the days are filled with prayer, friendship and challenge as we look to our future together as a community.

This summer Sister Geri and I have been privileged to lead a number of retreats for faculty and staff of Catholic schools of the Owensboro diocese and religious education programs of small parishes in our diocese.  These persons, the majority of whom are women, are committed to nurturing their own faith lives and discipleship as they minister to young people.  They inspire me as they plant seeds of faith, knowing they will never see the outcome of their labors but are assured that as these young people grow they will be guided by God’s hand. 

As the Sinsinawa Dominican community gathers this weekend we also trust that God will lead us into an unknown future, but with the help of the Spirit and our commitment to one another the outcome is bound to be amazing!

Georgia Acker, OP 
Bowling Green, KY

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  1. It will most certainly be a downsized future. Much has already changed, and there will yet be more difficult decision making in the years to come. Real estate will be one issue. The future of canonical religious life is another. I am encouraged by the newly professed sisters. They will be hopeful innovators in a world yet to come.


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