Where Dominicans Are Praying This Summer

This summer, in the city of Milwaukee, the number of violent deaths has escalated to record proportions.  There is fear and sadness in many neighborhoods.  The Sinsinawa Dominicans in Milwaukee joined the Amani neighborhood for a prayer vigil.  A libation prayer was made by an elder of the community calling upon the ancestors to bless us and guide us to the path of peace.  This prayer called for trust and reminded each neighbor of their importance.  Brotherhood and sisterhood were named as cherished relationships.  Unity and compassion were evoked as answers to prayer.  Each of us left having promised to be a light of peace for all we meet. 

Where are you this summer?  With whom are you praying?  And, for what do you prayer?

Peggy Ryan, OP
Whitefish Bay, WI


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