Hello from the CDN!!

Hello from the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate (CDN) in St. Louis!  The last three weeks have seemed more like three years given the activity, number of acquaintances met/friendships formed, house meetings, Dominican Life Seminars, and classes at Aquinas and Intercommunity Novitiate (ICN), among other things, that have been packed into them.

Today (Sunday) was a special day starting with morning mass at St. Alphonsus Liguori (The Rock), a mainly African-American Catholic Church featuring wildly wonderful liturgy, music, hospitality and preaching … all of which took me to spiritual waters previously uncharted.  What grace!

This evening, our entire house attended the Third Annual September 11th Interfaith Commemoration in Music: An Appreciation of Religious Diversity held at Sheldon Concert Hall on the outskirts of the St. Louis University campus.  This event, sponsored by Arts & Faith St. Louis, featured music performed by opera singer Christine Brewer, St. Louis Symphony concertmaster David Halen, pianist Peter Martin, St. Louis Children’s Choirs, Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis, St. Cecilia’s Combined Spanish Choirs, Congregation Shaare Emeth, Hindu Temple of St. Louis, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Sikh Study Circle of St. Louis, and the AME Church Conference Choir.  Talk about common Unity centered in God/YHWH/Dios/Allah/Vaheguru/Ayyappa.  What Divine diversity! 

I’m finding the cultural and spiritual richness of St. Louis requires a ready supply of Kleenex, if you catch my drift!

Saying ‘yes’ to a call to religious life has brought such unexpected surprises and blessings: from the places I’ve seen to the people I’ve met and fallen in love with.  I know that a love so huge can break my heart … and has … but the ride thus far has been so worth it!

What ‘yes’ is God calling you to?  Take the risk! You won’t regret it!

Sr. Kathy Flynn
St. Louis, MO


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