A Cruise Ship Twist

Cruise ships pull into the Juneau Harbor every day during the summer--sometimes as many as five on a given day.  Passengers are into the leisure and shopping scene while crew members try to snatch a few hours on shore to shop for personal items or perhaps just to be on land.

This summer a dancer on one of the ships asked to be baptized.  She had wanted this for a long time, but circumstances and a somewhat transient life style prevented her from being in a structured program of catechesis.  With the help of several chaplains and a committed godmother (lead singer on the ship) she began the process of becoming Catholic on the ship itself.  Once a week the ship came to Juneau and during those days she connected with us at the Cathedral.  After meeting with her several times I knew her heart was ready and that she understood the basics of the faith she was soon to embrace. 

With the whole cast from the ship and her parents present Bridget was baptized at the Cathedral.  That day was truly special--Bridget was radiant and her joy and peace touched everyone in the church.  A major step in Bridget's faith life was made possible by her presence on a cruise ship--God works in unusual places sometimes. 

Where have you seen God working in unusual places in your own life?

Marie Lucek, OP
Juneau, Alaska


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