The Spirituality of Photography

Reading the title for my blog offering may have you wondering…”What??!!” 

If you were ever captured by a photograph that gave you ‘pause,’ took your breath away or taught you something about the world beyond your known concepts – then this title just might capture your imagination.

I am taking a digital camera class this Fall.  I have a good SLR that is a few years old but I don’t make use of all the features, so now I am re/learning.

Because of the assignments, I am purposefully noticing the world around me, taking all kinds of photos and not worrying about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ shots.

And I am finding it a spiritual as well as a practical experience.  I am stopping myself from rushing.  I am noticing color, light and shape.  I’m looking at the world large – and – the world small.  I am taking time reviewing the photos – deciding what to bring to class.  And I am making ‘friends’ with the camera!

What might be activities in your life that you would not ordinarily think of has having spiritual aspects?  How might you see them differently – do them differently – talk about them differently – if you did?

Sr. Roberta Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach  FL


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