Was Blind, But Now I See

A few months ago, there was a lengthy front page article in the Minneapolis newspaper about hidden poverty in the suburbs. The number of people living in poverty in Minneapolis suburbs has more than doubled in the past ten years; a story repeated elsewhere around the country.

I minister at a non-profit, started over 30 years ago by an incredible woman who invited others to join her and respond to the needs of the poor in eight west suburban communities. That was the beginning of an outreach project that initially involved 9 faith communities. I have always worked in human services. Before this ministry, however, I never thought about suburbanites possibly living below the national poverty level.

My understanding of things sometimes gets turned on its side or flipped upside down. I love it when that happens because it wakes me up. I am grateful for reminders that everyone counts – including those not seen because of my blinders, misperceptions and flawed opinions. I continue to learn a great deal, in my “yes” to the beautifully diverse groups of people I serve and serve with. Amazing grace.

How is God getting your attention and waking you up?

Tanya Williams, OP
St. Louis Park, Missouri


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