Longing for Light

I feel sad.  My body longs for light. I think that I should be a bear so that I could hibernate for this dark season.  SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder is descriptive of what this northerner experiences this time of year.

Seeing the Christmas lights are a little comfort. For me taking time to light one advent candle at a time is more than just a symbol that Christmas is coming. When I sit in stillness the season of SAD and Advent reminds me that my soul also longs for light…..

for enlightenment so I can let go of selfish plans and desires
for freedom for 22,000 people in my state's prisons (Wisconsin)
for healing for families I know that long for reconciliation
for wholeness for the wounded earth smothered by carbon emissions
for fullness of the universe where love and justice reside

What are longings of your heart?  During Advent we pray for light.  Advent can be a time to share our longings with others in our life. Then we can remember, the true light has come into the world.  Jesus is the fulfillment of all our longings.

Joan Duerst  OP                                                                                                                                                  Monona WI


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