Beginning a New Year

Happy New Year!   As I was praying this morning I kept wondering, “What happened to 2013?”  It must be a sign of getting old!  However, I suspect that all of us experience a too-fast pace of life and wonder where our time has gone.  I relate to Tanya’s blog from this week where she has promised herself more stillness, more silence in her life.

Yesterday’s gospel was the prologue of the Gospel of John…”In the beginning…the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  In one of the books I use for daily prayer Sr. Pat Kozak, CSJ, offered a reflection on the “unfinishedness” of our life.  Is there anything about 2013 that felt unfinished in your life?  Perhaps a relationship that cooled?  Some project you were working on that you just couldn’t seem to put together?  Things you hoped to do to help others that you just didn’t get to?  Well, the good news is that the Word, Jesus Christ, dwells among us.  And the unfinishedness of our lives can still be addressed.  Allow the Word to guide and direct your life, turn it all over to our Gracious God.  Things will come together!

God bless and Happy 2014!
Georgia Acker, OP  - Bowling Green, KY


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