Called to Adventure

Today when I went to the library for fun films, my eyes lit on a new book.  Zealot, The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslam.  Jesus is zealous for the Kingdom of God.  The book that I had not planned to see is an instrument of God's call for me.  I am called to a great adventure-- to be a zealous for God's Kingdom. Zeal according to the dictionary is a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager to do.

Zeal to be effective, however, needs to be tempered by wisdom.  And so I frequently gather with others who are also seeking in order to fine-tune my hearing.

Where I live circles of sisters and associates gather monthly to share and listen to each other. Each brings into the circle where she has been during the month. Then each takes in the wisdom of the circle in order to become genuinely zealous for God's adventure.   Together we discern where our zeal is needed.

 Where are you being called to venture?  Do you long for a circle of adventurers to help you discern where your zeal is needed?

Joan Duerst, OP - Monona, WI                                                                                                                                                


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