I am part of a virtual community of nine Sisters from Alaska to Florida.  We use technology to keep connected and meet once a month for two hours.  We have been doing this for more than four years.  It has allowed us to attend to congregation works & processes as well as support each other even with the distances.

As we began our January meeting, during our ‘check-in’ we were asked to share any resolutions or hopes for 2014.  Some wanted to be more faithful to checking email, especially to keep up with congregation life. Some expressed hopes for personal improvements.  I shared that what I started in 2013 – I hoped to continue.  I have been ‘down-sizing’ what surrounds my life. While I have done a lot one of my last major tasks is going through files.  Paper seems to mount up in startling ways!

Perhaps none of these seem holy or pious.  But to developed spaciousness for The Holy – The Divine we need to attend to and consider what our life is like currently.  To be resolved “to do” or “to be” or “become” means to purposely give time and energy to fulfill that desire. 

Do you have a resolution for this new year?  (It is never too late!) If so, how is it going?  Will it provide space for The Holy – The Divine to reside within?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.

North Palm Beach   FL


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