Dominican Women Afire! Envisioning Our Future!

Our life as vowed women offers many opportunities to examine who we are and explore ways to live our mission - our purpose or calling. As a member of a planning committee of newer Dominicans representing 8 different congregations, I had such an opportunity two weekends ago in our first face-to-face meeting.

Since last summer, 10 of us have been working on a gathering for newer Dominican women religious to come together to share our hopes and dreams for the future of religious life and share our ideas on how we might respond to the needs of our times. A few questions posed in our recent planning meeting included: “What is our 800 year Dominican history calling forth within us?” “How is our presence in the world reflected in the world?” “What steps are we called to take today?”

We are hoping for over 100 Dominican sisters to attend the late-August event. It is very exciting to think of newer members from many different congregations representing different ministries, cultures, experiences and ideas gathering together for deep listening and conversation, prayer and celebrating God among us - as we envision our future… together!

What questions are you asking? What fire and vision would you bring to our conversations?

Tanya Williams, OP,  St. Louis Park, MN


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