Dear Lent. . .

When you show up it always seems to be surprise. 

Not in regards to ministry.  No – much planning has gone on for your opening act – Ash Wednesday – and for all the Lenten Specials (what I call our Lenten reflections days).

The “surprise” really is more about what Lent will mean for me.  Planning for others is one thing but planning for my own spiritual needs is another.

Just before Ash Wednesday, reading a friend’s blog, I was reminded of something I had used for a Lenten talk a few years ago.  It was a litany entitled:  “Fast From – Feast On.”  You can “google” it.  The author’s name is: William Arthur Ward.

My Lenten surprise – Holy Spirit inspiration – is to use this litany each day and take one aspect to work on throughout the day.

Dear Lent. . .it seems you want even more.  I am now sharing this litany as a Lenten gift with each person who comes for spiritual direction during this season.  I give it to them at the end of the session. More times than not there is something in the litany that matches something they are working on in their lives.  What a nice surprise.

Dear Lent. . .what surprises are you bringing to the people who read this blog entry?!

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.

North Palm Beach  FL


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