Resolutions and Goals: Yes, No, Maybe?

I felt that the beginning of the month of March and also the start of Lent was a great time to review my 2014 goals.  Out of my approximately six goals, I was partially succeeding in about two and a half.  I thought to myself, "Lystra, time to step it up in the goals department girl!"  

In my earlier years I never liked the idea of New Year's resolution/goals, however, as I grew older I began to feel the need to have them.  In recent years I have succeeded in about two resolutions, however that has not hindered my perseverance.

These goals are always about growing in mind, body and spirit.  Am I balance and healthy in these three areas? It is about how can I become a better human being and how can I grow spiritually and live a healthy life.

I think it is good to have something I can work towards, because for me this is what life is about.  It is about becoming who I was meant to be.  Having goals I believe assist me in working on what is important to me and also on working on those areas of my life I feel God is calling me to improve on.

As we enter into this important Lenten season I plan to take extra time to work on these areas of my life that I need to improve or change.  More importantly it is about improving my relationship with others.  How am I being and becoming love?

Hopefully at the end of this season I will be able to say that my resolution/goals for 2014 is almost completed and I am a becoming a better person because of it.

How are you doing with your resolutions/goals?
How can you improve?
Do you have balance in your life?

Lystra Long, OP      New Grant, Trinidad


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