Community in Dialogue

One of the pillars of Dominican life is Community.  Whether Sisters are living together or gathering for congregation work or play, Community is fundamental to living religious life.  So is Dialogue.

The experience of Sisters gathering whether face to face or through technology has always energized and renewed me.  This does not mean that in the processes and exchanges Sisters are always in agreement.  Rather, we are much like a multifaceted gem that only is complete because each is heard and cherished even in the midst of our dialogue that may include disagreements.

When I entered the Sinsinawa Dominicans more than 30 years ago, I expected to be in the good company of faithful, intelligent women.  I have not been disappointed. What has brought surprising delight and, at times frustration, is the extent of insights that come through profound and deep sharing and living the vowed life.

What experiences have you had in your life that mirrors this reflection? What draws you deeper to consider the vowed life? What does "Community in Dialogue" mean for you?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach   FL


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