The Holy Preaching

As Dominicans we are called to the Holy Preaching.  How many faces there are to this call.  Recently I was invited to this sitting at the bedside of my critically ill sister.  There I sat so aware and grateful for her and the love and history we share.  There I sat as witness to her pain and struggle.  There I sat acknowledging the many health care professionals as each did their various duties.  There I sat helpless in the face of her pain and shortness of breath. There I sat listening to the quandry of physicians wondering how they might better serve my sister. 

But then I realized that  my yearning presence there was a preaching.  More importantly I was there to listen and hear the Holy Preaching.  There in the bed was a Holy Preaching.  Her faithfulness to Life even in aching and discomfort was the proclamation.  Her influential sentence “I haven”t helped enough people yet”:  the potent preaching.  All her attempts to accept and surrender to the administrations of others, to submit to loss of privacy, to wonder what might be next.  All this the Holy Preaching.

What Holy Preaching have you heard?

K.C. Young, OP

Kirkland, WA


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