A Time of Celebration

A month from now I will gather at our motherhouse with others in my "crowd" to celebrate my 50th jubilee.  It will be a time of great joy for us and for our families and friends who will share the day with us.  But it is also a time for quiet reflection and heartfelt gratitude for all that has happened during these past 50 years. 

When I put my hands into the hands of our Prioress and promised obedience to God 50 years ago I had no idea what graces and blessings God would unfold in my life, what an abundance of good gifts and wonderful surprises I would receive. On my profession day I said "Yes" to wherever God would lead me, not realizing how dramatically religious life would change, how so many of my assumptions would be challenged.  But through the uncertain times and the upheavals, as well as the joyous times and profound moments, the awareness of God's presence in every part of my life kept me grounded, faithful and humble for 50 years. Truly, something to celebrate!

Has there been a time of difficulty in your own life when God's presence helped you to be grounded?

Marie Lucek, OP
Juneau, AK


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