Year of Jubilee

In the course of daily living during these days, the topic uppermost in my thoughts and actions is Jubilee.  I am one of the coordinators of the Mound Jubilee celebration.  What it comes down to is sort of like being on a team of wedding planners.  There are many details to attend to before we welcome our Jubilarians and their guests in a couple of weeks.

In the midst of this, I’ve been thinking about and praying with the Jubilarians.  These 13 women who have shared sisterhood for over 50 years will have the gift of gathering together where their journey began, sharing and remembering stories, and re-connecting after having been separated geographically by their ministry locations.  I am even more aware of my own journey and the path where God has led me.  I am graced!

Do you remember the joy of celebrating a family 50th wedding anniversary?

How did God speak to you in that experience?
Is God calling you to sisterhood with us?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, IL



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