A Summer Call

Maybe you have heard about the recent humanitarian crisis at our U.S. borders.  Children fleeing violence and hardship are making their way to the U.S.  Who will set an example for our country to be a welcoming and inclusive place?  Women religious from all over the country have answered the call to drop everything and be willing to go to the borderland.  This is what it means to be a religious sister today.  We point to peace, justice, love, joy, and hope.  We must unveil the way for the gospel to be lived here and now.  And in our sharing, in our opening up to the lives and needs of others, we find mutual bonds of love, strength, and solidarity.  We receive the “one hundred fold.”  Stay tuned for next month’s post on my border trip!     

What are you being called to this summer?       

Peggy Ryan, OP

Whitefish Bay, WI


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