Simply Being in the Presence of God

I suspect that each of us looks to a vacation that will refresh and renew them.  And that's not the same for each of us.  I just returned from a week of vacation at a cabin on a lake in the northern woods which, for me, is the perfect vacation.  I've been reflecting on that experience of simply being in God's presence.

This time and place provided me with the space to enter into the gentle presence of God in all of creation, which too often in my busyness, I can miss.  It was a time to just be. I was in awe at the beautiful sunsets on the shores of this lake, the strength and determination of the old turtle that I caught, the lovely bluegill who gave their lives for our breakfasts, the many faces of the lake and the simple love and fun shared by friends.   I delighted in hearing God's voice in the cry of the bullfrogs, the wind coming through the trees, the glorious songs of the birds and the play of the children nearby.  I recognized I was immersed in God and the oneness of all creation and am so grateful.  That's the kind of vacation that refreshes and renews me.

What about you?  What refreshes and renews you?

Mary Ann Nelson,OP

Madison, WI


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