A Word or Two

Last month the parish where I minister had a celebration in honor of my juiblee.  It was a joyous event and I was flooded with cards and well-wishes.  I didn't want to miss thanking everyone who came so I wrote a note to be printed in our Sunday bulletin.  One woman who had given me a substantial gift told me that this note was enough—I didn't have to write anything more.

However, I did not feel comfortable with this.  I knew all the people who had given me a gift; I wanted to give them something more personal, some words that would express not only gratitude for the gift but also gratitude for the connection I had with them.  This was a time-consuming project and took a month to complete.  However, already two of those who received notes have told me how much they meant to them:  "This note is a keeper."  "I'm going to keep this note next to my chair and when I start feeling down I'll read it again." Wow!  A few minutes of my time--it was certainly worth the effort.

How have you helped to brighten someone's day in the past month?

Marie Lucek, OP

Juneau, AK


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