Life-Long Blessings

This past week marked a significant anniversary for me and those who entered with me. On September 7, 1966 I journeyed by train from Minneapolis to Sinsinawa, WI. My life opened to new possibilities and many blessings. The years have flown by!

These past 3 weeks my ministry has been with my 97 year old father. He recently was in the hospital and then a rehab center. Now he is at St. Therese Senior Living Community in the “Towers” in his own apartment for the past 20 years. However,” his life is taking a turn as he will now go into assisted living at St. Therese in the “Terraces” right next door.

Being a member of the Dominicans of Sinsinawa is truly an on-going blessing. “Leaving home” does not require “leaving family.” I am supported by the Dominican community with love, prayer, and encouragement to be a compassionate presence for my father and my siblings. My heart overflows with gratitude.

As I witness Dad I am amazed at his acceptance of the next phase of his long life. He is looking forward to his new home in the Terraces. He keeps saying “I have been blessed all my life and I look at this [major transition] as another blessing.

Not only have I had the privilege of being a companion with Dad I have also connected with many other “seniors” who are living with a positive spirit. They also bless me.

I am reminded of our founder, Father Samuel’s, words: “Let us set out then for a place where the work is great and difficult but where with the help of him who sent us, will make a way for the gospel” The work of caregiving is great and difficult, and I am making a way for the gospel with others who are living the gospel too.  I am blessed!

Where are the blessings in your life?

Mary T. Johnson, OP

Westchester, IL


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